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111Tips & Traps


Tips & Traps

Tips and Traps, with it’s unique format, gives the director the general information she (he) needs to properly specify equipment with the assurance that, regardless of brand, she will get the utility required of the equipment. Tips and Traps has been in existence since 1993. It was initially presented to the School Foodservice Directors of the State of Tennessee at an annual meeting. Nearly every director in Tennessee and most of those in Georgia and Alabama have a copy. Also, it has been issued to numerous dealer sales people to help them in their occasional specification writing needs. Feedback from these people has been very favorable.

Several specifiers use it as their bible for specifying equipment. Even the Tennessee state-purchasing agent has a copy above his desk for constant use, while his catalogs have a much less favorable position in the room. Especially for those people that are required to purchase equipment but have rarely if ever seen it, this book is essential.

According to the latest regulations of the federal government concerning specifications and vendors, this book provides you with exactly what you need to adhere to the regulations. These rules, published as #7CFR Part 3016, say that you may not have someone write your spec and then bid on that spec. With Tips and Traps, the information is presented and the checklists are available that allow you to write the spec without any improprieties.

This source provides several things.

1. General equipment information would be listed by product

2. Equipment benefits, rather than features, would be high-lighted

3. Specifics as to size, style, capacity and proper use would be shown

4. A typical specification would be shown to help the director author a spec that will provide the right equipment, regardless of brand

5. A checklist would be provided for the director to ask the end-user specifics of need

6. The checklist would ask size, dimensions, fuel type, voltage, phase, options, accessories, etc.


To download the entire document, click here.