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167Options / Specifications


Blast Chillers

Options / Specifications



  • Reach-In Blast Chiller
  • Roll-In Blast Chiller


  • 3-pan upright
  • 5-pan upright
  • 10-pan upright
  • 20-pan upright
  • 5-pan built into stainless steel work table
  • 10-pan built into stainless steel work table


  • Stainless steel rear (for island installations)
  • 4 ¼” casters
  • Door locks

Basic Specification

Other pertinent information should accompany the above to provide a spec that looks something like this:

One (1) upright blast chiller with capacity for 10 12″ x 20″ x 2 ½” deep stainless steel pans. Unit capable of chilling from 160° to under 41° in approximately 2 hours. Unit to be stainless steel exterior with stainless steel fi nished back, stainless steel and ABS interior, removable stainless steel pan slides, lifetime warranty on handles and hinges, unit standard with one probe and on board temperature recording and printing device. Option for 2 additional probes and casters. Unit to be 115/230 volt, 1 phase operation.

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