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Serving Lines




  • Stainless steel base
  • Stainless steel top
  • Laminate base
  • Fiberglass base
  •  Corian top
  • Formica base


  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Tray slide height above finished floor


  • Front protector guard (Acrylic or Tempered Glass)
  • Lights (Fluorescent or Incandescent)
  • Open understorage with shelf
  • Understorage with hinged doors
  • Heated understorage with doors and pan slides
  • Refrigerated understorage with dooors and pan slides
  • 4″ diameter non-marking swivel casters
  • 6″ adjustable bullet feet
  • Duplex outlets
  • Tray slides – solid flat
  • Tray slides – solid ribbed
  • Tray slides – 3-Bar


  • Hot food unit, heated base
  • Hot food unit, unheated base
  • Solid top unit
  • Beverage table
  • Cold food unit, refrigerated
  • Cold food unit, ice-cooled
  • Cold food unit, refrigerated base
  • Frost top unit
  • Self-leveling milk unit
  • Ice cream cabinets
  • Cashier stands
  • Corner units
  • Single tray/silver stands
  • Double tray/silver stands

Basic Specification

Other pertinent information should accompany the above to provide a spec that looks something like this:

Serving line to be constructed of seamless, molded Fiberglass body with smooth exterior and rounded corners, 14 gauge #300 stainless steel top with fully welded square turndowns on all sides and #4 satin finish, 4″ diameter non-marking swivel-type locking casters, multi-unit interlocks. Serving line to consist of the units as shown on the attached drawing. Component options and accessories per attached sheets. Unit to be single sided, cafeteria style, not to exceed 30″ in depth or 36″ in height.

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