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2066Blendtec Commercial by Lancer

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Blendtec Commercial by Lancer

Blendtec Commercial by Lancer

Blendtec and Lancer (a leading manufacturer of beverage dispensing systems) have entered into an agreement that will combine the commercial blender and dispenser machines of Blendtec with the manufacturing, marketing, and service capabilities of Lancer.

This new collaboration, called “Blendtec Commercial by Lancer“, will open new markets to Blendtec innovations, placing state of the art blender and dispenser machines within reach of numerous new bars, restaurants, and other eateries around the globe.

Starting January 1, 2016, Lancer will be an authorized master distributor of Blendtec’s commercial blenders, and will manufacture, market, and sell Blendtec’s commercial dispenser products; providing after sale service and support through Lancer’s existing Global Service Network.

Visit their site and learn more about Blendtec Commercial by Lancer