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OptiPure® is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for the foodservice industry. It manufactures a complete line of commercial water filtration systems, membrane separation (reverse osmosis) systems and water softeners for applications including ice makers, fountain beverages, coffee and tea brewers, espresso, combi ovens and warewashing.

OptiPure, a Division of Aquion, Inc.

OptiPure began as a product line of ProCam Controls, Inc., a company that was originally started as a leading supplier of water and chemical management equipment for the printing, medical imaging, photographic, foodservice and water treatment industries. The OptiPure foodservice filtration product line began in the year 2000.

Along with our full line of foodservice products, OptiPure developed Filtertrak® – which today, is an online application that enables low maintenance service and filter monitoring of water treatment systems. It ensures customers get the full performance from their system. FilterTrak has been in operation internally with select customers since 2002. It is an intuitive database that allows our customers to simply manage the way filters get changed. OptiPure recently expanded the program to make FilterTrak available to our channel partners, so ask your dealer, distributor, or representative for more information!

Download the Water Treatment Basics & Products Introduction brochure.