“A Brewed Awakening” in high schools…..


Coffee in schools? Yes, you heard me, high schools are beginning to jump on board with this rising trend. We recently attended both the Al School Nutrition Association show (ASNA)in Birmingham and the Ga School Nutrition Association show (GSNA) in Jekyll Island, GA. We brought our super automatic espresso machine and it was [...]

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Living the La Vida Mocha!


Coffee is, approx. 30-32 billion dollars annual retail industry, that’s a billion with a “B!” It’s the most popular drink in the world after water and tea. Just like wine, coffee beans flavors are affected by the soil altitude and other climatic factors. Specialty coffee is on the rise. 90% of coffee consumed [...]

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The Cold Hard Facts


Ice is the number one consumed item in restaurants, we need to protect ourselves and educate people on proper and safe ice handling procedures When talking about this or giving a presentation I always like to ask the question, “How many people have ever had food poisoning?” Usually get one or two hands [...]

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