The Bakers Pride® ETE061 Combination Oven

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The BKI® Combi-King® ETE061R combination oven provides maximum flexibility—use moist heat, dry heat, or any combination without the use of a boiler system. Our Meteo System constantly monitors the climate inside the cooking chamber so you can maintain the exact degree of humidity, anywhere from 0% to 100%.  Taking it a [...]

  • Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven

The Bakers Pride® Model E300 Speed Oven

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The Bakers Pride® model E300 speed oven combines enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement to provide menu flexibility and impressive cooking speed in a small footprint. The side-launch microwaves allow for metal pans, and the air speed is adjustable (from 10–100%) so you can cook, reheat, [...]

Twin Touch Microwaves by Sharp


Sharp Microwaves produces an extremely beneficial model for food service operations, looking for quick functionality and high power in a small footprint. Sharp’s “Twin Touch” models come in a 1200, 1800 and 2200 watt versions. This Sharp series of compact microwaves has a top and bottom row of programmed operational buttons on [...]

C54 Heated Cabinet by Metro


As a restaurant owner or manager, you’ll agree that a lot goes into making sure to have a well prepared and delicious meal for your customers. The last thing you want to bother about, afterwards, is how to keep the food hot and good to go when you need [...]