The Bakers Pride® ETE061 Combination Oven

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The BKI® Combi-King® ETE061R combination oven provides maximum flexibility—use moist heat, dry heat, or any combination without the use of a boiler system. Our Meteo System constantly monitors the climate inside the cooking chamber so you can maintain the exact degree of humidity, anywhere from 0% to 100%.  Taking it a [...]

  • Bakers Pride E300 Speed Oven

The Bakers Pride® Model E300 Speed Oven

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The Bakers Pride® model E300 speed oven combines enhanced microwave power and top and bottom air impingement to provide menu flexibility and impressive cooking speed in a small footprint. The side-launch microwaves allow for metal pans, and the air speed is adjustable (from 10–100%) so you can cook, reheat, [...]