C54 Heated Cabinet by Metro

As a restaurant owner or manager, you’ll agree that a lot goes into making sure to have a well prepared and delicious meal for your customers. The last thing you want to bother about, afterwards, is how to keep the food hot and good to go when you need to serve it. With the Metro C54 Heated Cabinet, often called metro hot box by our customers, we have got your back

  •  One unique feature is its foamed-in place polyurethane insulation. This is a clear departure from the traditional and costly exterior layer of sheet metal. This Metro’s innovative Armor Plus technology makes it retain heat exceptionally, up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and save energy very efficiently.
  • Besides the high density fiberglass for heat retention, its field- reversible door also has a magnetic latch that makes it seamless to open when you want to load or unload your food.
  • Mounted at the top of Metro C5 holding cabinet is also the thermostatic heat controls that are easy to use. This top position makes it within quick reach for use and cleaning.
  • The inside is beautifully constructed with strong stainless steel while the outside is built with quality armor panels. This ensures that you are well protected from any unforeseen impact.
  • This food warmer cabinet gives you flexibility with the pan slides that fit inside, which are usually adjustable on 1 ½ “centers either for maximum pan flexibility or the 18×26 capacity lip load.

As you get excited about the tremendous value that this investment will yield, you want to remember to also factor the electricity requirement to power this metro C54 insulation Armour ™ heated holding and proofing cabinets which is typically 120v.