Insulated or non-insulated, single sided or pass-thru, full length or dutch door, heated, proofer or both, stainless door or glass, stainless or aluminum construction.


Proofing cabinets are used for proofing of bakery products, without the high expense of a large commercial proofer. A heated cabinet is used to hold cooked products for use at a later time. Usual holding time for completely cooked products is about one hour. If products are slightly undercooked, a little more time is possible. Use of a combination unit may allow for longer times by injection of moisture into the cabinet. Controlled humidity cabinets provide the longest safe holding of hot foods. These units are portable.


Insulated solid door units hold heat better, but because you can not see into them from the outside, and have to open the door to see what is inside, may actually cost more in energy costs than one with a clear door that is not insulated. If items are to be held a short period of time, an un-insulated unit is fine. If longer- term holding is required, an insulated unit would be better. Dutch doors allow access to half of the cabinet without loss of heat that may happen when opening a full-length door. A combination heater/proofer can be used as a proofer, a dry heated cabinet, or a heated cabinet with moisture for product shrinkage reduction. The best of both worlds is an insulated cabinet with glass doors. Different manufacturers’ products have different pan configurations. Some are designed for cafeteria pans, some for bun pans and some for a combination of both.

Required Information

Amount of product to be held, size of pan to be held, length of time product is to be held, available electrical energy, voltage and phase. Most units are 115 volt, 1 phase, but some require 20 amp circuits.


Adjustable pan racks seem to provide the best versatility for these units. Beware of those that are not adjustable to be sure they will accommodate the products you wish to hold. Consider the cleanability of the unit before specifying. It is normal that a significant amount of food may fall into the interior of the cabinet during transport. Be sure that the unit may be cleaned easily and completely. Check to see the method of moisture injection and control during the proofing mode to be sure it will give you the control you require. Several manufacturers’ products have vastly different power for recovery. Be sure the one you spec will be able to recover quickly after opening the door.