Walk-in Coolers/Freezers


PDF Variations Foamed-in-place urethane, laminated urethane, polystyrene, 4″, 5″ or 6″ panels, many construction differences. General Many walk-ins are similar. Once erected they look a lot alike. Almost all school applications use 4″, polyurethane insulated walk-ins, either foamed-in-place or laminated. These are slightly more expensive than the other types, [...]

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Steam Jacketed Kettles


PDF Variations Direct steam, electric or gas self-generating, standard height or low-profile, many sizes with many options available. General Kettles are available from 1 quart to 400 gallons capacity each. In school foodservice, 6 gallon is usually the smallest used and 40 gallon the largest. Kettles are used for [...]

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Shelving & Dunnage


PDF Variations Polymer, solid, louvered, wire, welded, chrome, zinc, epoxy coated, stainless steel, adjustable, cleanable. General The purpose for shelving is to maximize your storage space while using a product that will give long life in the conditions that are present. Dry storage shelving is not usually subjected to [...]

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Serving Lines


Variations Typical serving lines are made up of various components, including tray stands, hot food serving units, cold food serving units (both ice cooled and mechanically refrigerated), Frost Tops, solid tops, combination units, milk coolers, ice cream freezers, beverage counters and cash register stands. General A serving line is whatever [...]

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Reach-in Refrigerators/Freezers/Warming Cabinets


PDF Variations Single, two and three section models, single sided or pass-thru, full and halfsize doors or combinations of the above, solid or glass doors, finishes, and slide/shelf configurations, self-contained or remote, mobile or stationary. General Most refrigerators are called “medium temperature” units, or will hold a temperature of [...]

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Microwave Ovens


PDF Variations Output power ranges from 1000 watts to 3200 watts. Sizes vary from capacity for (1) ó size pan to (2) full size 12″ x 20″ x 4″ deep pans, controls may be dial type manual or push button programmable. General In school foodservice 1000-watt ovens are used [...]

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Ice Makers


PDF Variations Available in different sizes, from as small as 35# per day, which is used in consumer applications, to over 1000# per day. Also, there are differences in the style of the ice itself, which may be in cubes, flakes, or shaved. General Ice makers are typically specified [...]

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Heated, Proofer, Combination cabinets


PDF Variations Insulated or non-insulated, single sided or pass-thru, full length or dutch door, heated, proofer or both, stainless door or glass, stainless or aluminum construction. General Proofing cabinets are used for proofing of bakery products, without the high expense of a large commercial proofer. A heated cabinet is [...]

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PDF Variations Undercounter, door type, conveyor, flight type, pot & pan washers. General Note that the heading is “Dishmachines”, not “Dishwashers”. A dish machine’s primary use is to sanitize the ware, as well as clean it. The type of machine that you will require depends on the type of [...]


Convection Steamers


PDF Variations Tabletop models, floor models, units with pressure boilers, units with atmospheric boilers, “connectionless” units, different capacities. General Convection steamers are used when high volumes of high quality products are required. These units use high volume, high velocity dry steam for maximum heat transfer in minimum time. No [...]

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